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Art-based extracurricular activities

Students looking to expand their extracurricular horizons need look no further than the arts. Art-related extracurricular activities can enhance lessons learned in the classroom and provide a way to explore creative pursuits to help relieve stress and improve focus.

Art-based extracurricular activities are easy to find. Consider these ideas to get started.

Visit an art museum

Those lucky enough to live close to an art museum can wander through the past or get artists’ interpretations of the future. Many museums sponsor extracurricular activities for young artists, but even periodic visits using a student pass can provide all the inspiration creative young people need. Museums showcase everything from paintings to sculptures to historical artifacts, so it’s possible to find a specially curated collection that appeals to any artist’s interests.

Enroll in an art course

Students who enjoy art can improve their skills by taking art classes and courses that extend lessons learned during the school day. Perhaps a student wants to hone his or her skills in a particular medium? An art class can do that and even expand on lessons learned in the classroom.

Attend arts-related camps

Summer camps come in all shapes and sizes, including ones geared around artistic endeavors. When school lets out for the summer or other breaks during the year, students can hang around with like-minded peers in specialty art camps.

Try other artistic activities

The arts include everything from music instruction to acting in a play or musical to participating in a choral ensemble. Some children like to experience art through culinary endeavors. Students should not limit themselves to one activity. Dabbling in all sorts of activities may inspire students to pursue new interests.

Find art in daily life

One does not need to be enrolled in a regimented program to enjoy art. Children can engage in art-related hobbies on their own at home or in the community. Find art in collecting leaves and flowers, building sand castles, taking photographs, or just about any other creative endeavor.

Bigger Sky Kids

Bigger Sky Kids earlier received a $2,500 grant from the Montana Arts Council for supplies and equipment for Cathryn McIntyre’s class in studio art. McIntyre is returning this year on a grant from the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation that funds her residency through spring 2024. BSK sponsors after-school, art-based instruction and provides a safe place for children to participate in program activity. For more information, visit biggerskykids. org.

Arts-related extracurricular activities can be the perfect way to pass time outside the classroom.

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