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Law Enforcement Responds To Fire Incidents

Area residents have expressed concerns regarding the amount of structure fires happening in the Wolf Point and Poplar communities this summer.

“We investigate everything,” Wolf Point Police Chief Alisha Morales said. “It’s up to the general public to call to give us information.”

Morales said the Wolf Point Police Department has submitted charges pertaining to house fires to the tribal court regarding a suspect who is a tribal member.

When he searched his computer files for fires/structure, Roosevelt County Undersheriff John Summers saw 27 results since May 1. Of those calls, Summers said 17 were in the City of Wolf Point.

“Some numbers are misleading because they are called back,” Summers noted.

June 5 and June 10 were some of the busy days for the Wolf Point Fire Department.

Seven of the calls were for structure fires in Poplar.

Summers said the incidents are high for structure fires. He remembers when the area experienced a rash of fires in garbage dumpsters about 15 years ago.

Wolf Point’s fire chief Clint Bushman asks that residents be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity they see by calling 911.

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