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Rosendale Votes Against Assault Weapons Ban

Last week, Representative Matt Rosendale voted against HR 1808, Assault Weapons Ban.

Rosendale said, “Today, the Radical Left went one step further in its continuous attempt to abolish every American’s right to keep and bear arms. The Left would have citizens stripped of their right to self-defense while criminals have access to illegal firearms, inciting further violence in our communities. The Supreme Court recently reaffirmed the American peoples’ ability to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights, and the Montana Legislature wisely passed a law to nullify federal bans on guns, ammunition, and magazines, which Governor Gianforte signed into law.

“ATF agents recently conducted an illegal inspection at a home in Delaware, requesting to see the homeowner’s firearms without a search warrant, and these invasions of privacy by the federal government will continue to expand under the Left’s rule. If the federal government attempts to remove firearms in the State of Montana, I highly recommend they stop at the state line and re-evaluate their position. Montanans treasure their right to keep and bear arms, and I stand opposed to any encroachment on the U.S. Constitution.”

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