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Report Says Farmers’ Share Isn’t Much

By Bill Vander Weele

The National Farmers Union reports that profits for farmers and ranchers are small when compared to what consumers spend on products.

The website notes that farmers and ranchers receive only 14.3 cents of every food dollar spent. According to the USDA, off farm costs including marketing, processing, wholesaling, distribution and retailing account for more than 80 percent of each food dollar spent in the United States.

Examples provided included that if a pound of bacon costs $6.99, the farmer receives $1.03. If the retail price for a pound of sirloin steak if $10.49, a farmer gets $2.27. If a gallon of fat free milk has a retail price of $4.39, the farmer receives $2.35. If a pound of apples costs $2.49, a farmer receives 74 cents.

Other prices include that if an 18 ounce box of corn cereal has a price of $2.99, a farmer receives a dime. If a 2 pound loaf of bread has a retail price of $3.99, a farmer gets 26 cents. If a 5 pound bag of russet fresh potatoes has a retail price of $6.99, a farmer receives $1.63.

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