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Wolf Point Council Votes Down Custer Street Name Change


The Wolf Point City Council held their regular meeting July 18.

Bill Juve spoke during the public comment period. He kept his remarks to the proposed name change for Custer Street in Wolf Point and said the change would have a “devastating effect” on property owners, necessitating changes to addresses, maps, records, etc.

The streets and alleys committee met previously on the matter and concluded with a recommendation to change the street name from Custer Street to a new name to be selected at a later time.

Council member Lance FourStar spoke for the committee in recommending the change due to the offensive nature of the street name.

George Armstrong Custer was killed along with his entire command at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876 while pursing a military campaign against Native Americans in the region.

After discussion, the council decided against pursuing the matter by a vote of four to three, with FourStar and council members Carrie Manning and Craig Rodenberg voting in favor of pursuing the change.

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