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New Officers Graduate From Montana Law Enforcement Academy

Fifty-eight new officers who will serve in 36 agencies across the state graduated last week from the Montana Law Enforcement Academy, which is part of the Montana Department of Justice.

MLEA provides basic and advanced training for state, county, city, and tribal law enforcement officers throughout the state.

Attorney General Austin Knudsen addressed the class and presented the new officers with their diplomas and awards.

“Today’s graduates have proven they have what it takes to face the challenges ahead of them in their law enforcement career and I’m incredibly proud of them and their instructors,” Knudsen said. “These new officers have stepped up to protect our communities and they deserve our full support. As Attorney General, I’m committed to working with them and their agencies to ensure they have the tools and resources they need to keep Montanans safe.”

The graduates included John Benavento and Nathaniel Clark for the Fort Peck Tribes Law and Justice.

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