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Culbertson Plans For School Projects

With additional revenue coming in through oil revenue, the Culbertson School Board discussed different projects during its June meeting.

The increased price of oil has resulted in $300,000 available for projects.

Lora Finnicum, district clerk, said the board’s priority was safety while determining projects to accomplish. She noted many other items have been on the list for numerous years due to lack of funding.

The list of projects made by trustees included: Elementary gym bleachers, elementary wing old plumbing replacement, high school choral risers, replacing or modifying football field lights, reroofing the old army, replacing gym wall pads, elementary school concrete parking, replacing of garage doors and entry doors, elementary gym window coverings, old armory stage repairs and windows in both the elementary and high school classrooms.

Other items for consideration now and during the next couple of years included foundation repairs, star quilt memorials, landscaping, removal of obsolete boiler, playground equipment and the old armory interior and exterior.

Trustees noted any projects concerning safety should be a priority and the remaining projects could be completed over two budget cycles.

Hired for extra-curricular positions were Dave Solem as high school head track coach and Jimie Lou Morris as high school head golf coach.

Vivian Steavenson was hired as a third grade teacher.

Elementary teachers attended the Stemscopes science training. The Internet cable replacement has started in the high school and junior high school wings.

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