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Commissioners Approve Wastewater Projects

For their first resolutions of the 2023 fiscal year, Roosevelt County Commissioners approved two water and wastewater projects.

Wolf Point requested $425,000 in ARPA funds for phase 1 of the wastewater rehabilitation project.

The project is for the replacement of sewer collection mains in Second Avenue South and the rehabilitation using cured-in-place pipe in sewer mains adjacent to Second Avenue South. The city has an additional $4,078,789 commitment to the project from other funding sources.

The Town of Froid submitted two applications, one for wastewater improvements and the other for water system improvements.

Froid’s wastewater project includes the replacement of two manholes and cleaning and getting the video inspection of the sewer mains. The amount requested from the county is $52,000, which must be matched from the town of Froid.

Froid’s water project will include the installation of water valves and new curb stops. The amount requested is $34,000, which will be matched by the Town of Froid.

The county has a total of $921,000 in ARPA funds for qualifying water or sewer infrastructure projects. Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said there is still $400,000 available for proposed projects in Bainville and Culbertson.

Also during the meeting, commissioners accepted the resignation from library employee Patricia Silva Pronto. Her last day at the library will be July 22.

College student Emma Torgerson was re-hired as a temporary season employee for Extension services. She will work 16 hours per week and then full-time during the week of the county fair.

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