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Woman Faces Possession Of Drugs Charge

Christina Amy, 36, of Casper, Wyo., is facing the charge of criminal possession of dangerous drugs for fentanyl.

She is scheduled to appear in district court on Wednesday, July 13. Bail has been set at $75,000.

If convicted of the charge, she faces five years in prison, a $5,000 fine or both.

According to court documents, an inmate being interviewed by law enforcement on June 1, said that she saw Amy go to the restroom and quickly return with a large bag containing suspected fentanyl pills and at least two eight-balls (about 7 grams) of suspected meth. The inmate said that Amy retrieved the suspected drugs from her vagina. Later on June 1, a search warrant was granted.

When an officer went to the jail and made contact with Amy, she had a jail blanket wrapped around her legs and lower torso. She was instructed she was going to be taken to the hospital. After Amy wrapped the blanket up and handed it to the jail administrator, the officer noticed what appeared to be crushed blue pills and a white crystalline substance on the carpet directly where Amy was sitting. When the officer asked Amy if her DNA was going to be on the plastic bag, she replied, “yes.”

While at the hospital, the officer was advised that a deputy recovered a bag of suspected fentanyl pills and some suspected meth that Amy attempted to crushed into the carpet while she had the blanket wrapped around her. At the hospital, Amy told an officer that she had consumed six fentanyl pills. A CT scan showed that there might have been a bag with 20 pills inside her stomach. She was taken back to the detention facility.

A different charge for criminal possession of dangerous drugs facing Amy has been dismissed.

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