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the maintenance worker III position ….

the maintenance worker III position effective June 16. Wolf Point Animal Control officer Joe Reinhart has submitted his resignation.

Sullivan announced the termination of her contract with the city pending a move to Billings. The council approved her dates of departure. She will be assisting with the hire of her replacement and other loose ends. Her last day with the city will be August 31.

Sullivan told the Northern Plains Independent that her experience working with the city has been a blessing, “Working for the City of Wolf point all these years has been a true blessing,” she said. “If I were staying in this area I wouldn’t hesitate to continue. Unfortunately, I would like to continue my private practice in Billings and due to the distance I think it’s in the city’s best interest to find someone local to represent them moving forward.”

A resolution was passed supporting the healing of Indian boarding schools, pending small edits to the text incorporating Wolf Point as a signatory.

Minutes were passed for the April 18 meeting. The council passed revenue and expense and treasurer’s cash reports. The next council meeting is set for July 18 at 7 p.m.

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