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Chauncey Whitright

Chauncey Whitright Chauncey Whitright

Chauncey Franklin Whitright III, 61, of Wolf Point died June 8, 2022, at NEMHS Trinity Hospital.

He was a true Native warrior who fought not only for what he believed in but for all Native Indian people all over the world. He fought alongside other great Native warriors, starting with his mother, Myrna Jy Boyd, who was the leader of the Montana Chapter American Indian Movement; Russel Means; Hank Adams; Buddy Red-Bow; and many other great Native warriors.

He accomplished so much throughout his life and will be remembered and honored for all the battles he had fought, organizations he helped start and was involved in, including Walks for Society, A.I.M, and Humans Rights for Indian People in the Third World Country.

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