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Bigger Sky Kids Receives Arts Council Grant

Bigger Sky Kids has received a $2,500 grant from the Montana Arts Council for supplies and equipment for Cathryn McIntyre’s class in studio art. McIntyre will return next year on a grant from the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation that funds her residency through spring 2024. Char Matejovsky, BSK’s president, expressed their deep appreciation for the support from the Arts Council. Next year’s supplies budget for this class alone is $3,200.

“This may seem high,” said Matejovsky, “but we have always been committed to providing the best available art supplies.

According to McIntyre, using quality materials, such as high pigment oil paint, smooth brushes and wood panels, is important. It enables young artists, even novices, to obtain reliable results. It lets them create artworks that present well at exhibits. This ensures that their art experience is as positive, productive and transformative as possible.

According to Matejovsky, BSK expects to spend yet another $2,500 next year on supplies used in its day-today art activities program.

BSK sponsors after-school, art-based instruction and provides a safe place for children to participate in program activity. For more information on the program, visit biggerskykids. org.

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