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DUI Task Force Issues Safe Summer Driving Tips

With summer quickly approaching, the Roosevelt County DUI Task Force is reminding drivers to drive safely.

Many crashes occur in Montana between Memorial Day and Labor Day, more than at any other point in time during the year.

According to 2020 data from Montana Department of Transportation, 36 percent of crashes statewide and 50 percent of crashes in Roosevelt County occurred during this time period.

Law enforcement agencies are doing their part to ensure the roads are safe as everyone gets out to enjoy the summer months. With an array of activities taking place during the summer, maintaining safe roadways is of the utmost importance for everyone. Which is why we are asking you to do your part as well.

Some summertime tips to follow:

• Follow the speed limit.

• Slow down if there is traffic, road construction or inclement weather.

• Don’t drive impaired. Alcohol and drugs greatly impact a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

• Wear your seat belt. They are the most effective and cheapest life insurance available.

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