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Dannette Lezard

Dannette “Dana” Lezard, 51, of Poplar died June 1, 2022. She was born Aug. 5, 1970, in Omak, Wash. She grew up in Washington and loved all her fond memories of living there. The family would always go camping, play outside games and hang out together. In 1982, the family moved back to Poplar and that’s where she lived the remainder of her life.

She was quite the athlete growing up and held the school record in discus for many years. She excelled in volleyball, basketball, track and was also a cheerleader. Playing sports was something she always enjoyed doing and later enjoyed watching her children do. She was also a talented pool player, winning jackets as “top shooter.” She loved playing pool with her children and showing them where they needed to hit the ball.

Springtime was always something she looked forward to because she was always ready to fish. She was also a dancer, whether that be in an arbor, in the kitchen with her parents and eventually her children and grandchildren or on the dance floor.

She was skilled in many different areas in the workforce. She was a firefighter in her younger years and loved telling stories of her time doing so. She worked at Poplar Schools for many years, which she loved doing, and got close to many students, some of which she was still very close to to this day. She loved working in the school because she was close to her children and was just a hallway away if they needed her.

After leaving the school, she was a bartender at Buckhorn for awhile until she found her place as a clinic assistant at the Indian Health Services. She loved her time there and her patients loved her. She was also kind and helpful with everyone she encountered and that’s what gave her patients a sense of ease.

She is survived by her children, Brandon, Kelly Lynn, Tj, Baby Girl and Avalee Ireland; numerous grandchildren; sister, Shannon Lezard or Mary Hilliard; and her parents, Dave and Linda Lezard.

A wake was held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 8, at the Poplar Cultural Center. Her funeral service will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday, June 9, at the Poplar Cultural Center. Interment will be at Chelsea Cemetery. Clayton Stevenson Memorial Chapel assisted with the arrangements.

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