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Community College Awards 81 Degrees, Certificates

Community College Awards 81 Degrees, Certificates Community College Awards 81 Degrees, Certificates

Fort Peck Community College held commencement ceremonies May 20.

Ashley Azure was class valedictorian. She received her associates degree in psychology.

Miracle Spotted Wolf was salutatorian. She received her AA in business administration, an AAS in business technology and certificates in accounting and business specialties.

Spotted Wolf was also named FPCC student of the year. Vice president for student services Elijah Hopkins said via press release that Spotted Wolf, “embodies the Buffalo Chaser spirit and resiliency and FPCC is proud to support her educational journey.”

In her acceptance, Spotted Wolf said, ““Completing my education will impact the Native American community by showing them if I can do it, so can you. In the community where I live, many single parents and young women raising their children grow more and more. Growing up on welfare and food stamps was a way of living and comfort to many Native Americans in our community. Having already walked in their shoes, struggling through all the hardships that come with figuring out how to make it all month is hard. I believe that from my background living in poverty and being raised by my grandmother. I can make a difference by showing them that no matter how hard it gets or how many things get thrown your way, giving up is not an option; you can choose to be wherever you want to be in life. By being able to relate to single mothers, the first thing I encourage them to do is go back to school. Education has always been one of the biggest things I pushed onto my children and their friends who have had family life the way I used to, so I know how hard it is to succeed with so much negativity surrounding you. Our community needs that positive influence to support our Native people no matter the background; we all deserve to strive for education and success.”

The following students also received degrees and certificates: Fellini Adams (AA, psychology), Jalen Athico (AAS, Native Language instructor), Denver Atkinson (welding), Rachel Azure (AS pre-health/pre-nursing), Edward Bauer II (AA, general studies), Darcee Belgarde (AA, general studies), Trini Bissonette (AA), Lois Black (AA, early childhood education), Derek Boyer (lay advocate/ paralegal), Troy Brown (AAS, automotive technology), Wesley Brown (AAS/automotive technology), Hailey Brunelle (AA, general studies), Monica Campbell (lay advocate/paralegal), Amber Cantu (business assistant), Angela Cole (AS, general studies), Dylan Connor (AA, psychology), Trisha Deserly (AA, psychology), Daniel Diserly (automotive technology), Rain Escarcega-Turcotte (AA, general studies), Tomee Escarcega (AA, general studies), Isaac Failing (information technology), Traysen Feather (AAS, automotive technology), Darrian Four Bear (AA, general studies), Luane Four Bear (AS, pre-health/pre-nursing), Lance Fourstar (AA, general studies), Keri Fox (lay advocate/paralegal), Emilee Frigon (AA, social work), Emily Gourneau (AA, general studies), Jason Hamilton (AA, general studies), Kathryn Hamilton (lay advocate/ paralegal), Klint Hentges (truck driving), Jonnie V.L. Huerta (AA, Native American studies), Kaylee Hufford (information technology), Alanis Jones (lay advocate/ paralegal), Yvette Kawasaki (AA, general studies), Rusti Kirn (AA, psychology), Erica Lamebear (lay advocate/ paralegal), Nicole Leno (accounting technician), La-Faye Lizotte (lay advocate/ paralegal), Darwin Longtree (information technology), Carrie Manning (AA, chemical addiction studies), Angela Matthews (lay advocate/ paralegal), Angela Matthews (AAS, criminal justice), Jamie McKee (AA, business administration), Gillian Medicine Cloud (AS, general studies), Krysten Miller (AA, general studies), Kaitlyn Nation (AAS, criminal justice), Lindsay Nefzger (AA, education), Amy Nelson (lay advocate/ paralegal), Becky Opalka (accounting technician), Susan Parker (AA, social work), Conner Perry (information technology), Aimee Plummer (AA, psychology), Cicely Raining Bird (business assistant), Lana Red Dog (AA, business administration), Jesus Rodriguez III (information technology), Lynette Ross (AA, general studies), Noah Rucas (AA, psychology, chemical addiction studies), Abriana Scott (AA, general studies), Melvin Scott III (business assistant), Brandon Sears (accounting technician), Celesse Shields (AAS, information/networking technology), Darrell Shields (truck driving), Bryor Smith (AA, general studies), John Smoker (automotive technology), Jessica Spotted Bull (AA, chemical addiction studies), Jaxon Stangeland (truck driving), Sheena St. Claire (truck driving), Brandi Jo Sutton (AAS, information /networking technology), Tammy Taylor (AA, Native American studies), Shelby Jo Talks Different (AA, education), Joseph Turns Plenty (lay advocate/ paralegal), Keenan Wagner (AA, general studies), Stephen Walton (truck driving), Crystal War Club (AS, prehealth/ pre-nursing), Quentin Weeks-Comb (welding), Sara Wesen (lay advocate/paralegal), Kaiden White Bear (AA, business administration), Marit Windchief (AA, general studies) and Corey Youpee (welding).

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