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Committee Considers School Policy Changes

The Wolf Point School policy committee met on Monday, May 23, to review a few current school district policies.

After the committee agreed on changes, the school board needs to make the final approval.

As far as educational aid grants for professional staff, one suggestion was that teachers need to list the type of school, course name and number of credits. A proposed language change is that “area of additional training shall be in an area related to education.” The current language reads, “Area of additional training shall be in an area related to subjects or grade level of employment.”

Another proposed language change is that staff with no license or an expiring certificate will not be considered for the grants.

Amount of money will be divided into amounts not to exceed $1,000 for any one staff member.

Committee members spent much of the money discussing potential changes to the uniform complaint procedure.

Wolf Point superintendent Loverty Erickson said the current complaint policy has a loophole and it seems like some issues keep going around and around.

The school district’s attorney provided a copy of the Elder Grove School’s complaint policy to review as a possible replacement.

That policy includes that a school board’s decision concerning the superintendent’s dismissal of a com- plaint is final and may not be appealed to the superintendent, the board or the county superintendent of schools.

Committee members appeared to support the idea of using Elder Grove’s complaint procedure, but members wanted to see a couple more forms before making a recommendation.

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