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Business Mogul O’Leary To Attend Daines’ Summit

Business mogul Kevin O’Leary will join the Montana “On The Rise” Economic Summit in Bozeman next week. The summit will highlight Montana’s many emerging and existing job sectors from high-tech and photonics to crypto and biotechnology.

“Glad to have Kevin O’Leary joining the Montana ‘On the Rise’ Economic Summit to get his thoughts on the thriving economy, businesses, and diverse sectors that make Montana a great place to work, live and play,” U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., said.

“As an investor, I’m always looking for states that have pro-business regulatory environments, competitive taxes and leadership that wants to do business. Montana is starting to give Florida and Texas a run for their money. That’s why I’m here,” O’Leary said.

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