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2021. Two contracts, each in ….

2021. Two contracts, each in excess of over $80,000, were let without going through the formal bid process.

The county’s official response regarding the gravel purchases is that the pit is the only one the county could get gravel from for the east end of the county that is within 50 miles. There is a limited amount of gravel on the east end of the county. The pit is already DEQ approved.

The audit also found that two funds were overspent for the year that ended on June 30, 2021. Expenditures exceeded appropriations in the Alcohol Rehab and HB645 funds.

The county’s response was, “Commissioners decided to give all employees a stipend out of the CARES Act funds as a thank you for working during the pandemic. A line item was set up for payroll only. No resolution was done to create an appropriation. These funds will probably not be used for any purpose like this in the future. The Alcohol and Drug fund is just a pass-through fund for monies received from the state. We don’t receive anything telling us how much we are going to be receiving, so the appropriation is just a guess.”

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