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Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor:

Turning compassion into action has always been the Red Cross way, but we certainly don’t do it alone. That’s why we want to thank you for making Red Cross part of your community.

Last year, Red Cross volunteers helped 27 people in Roosevelt County following disasters like home fires by providing food, shelter, clothing and emotional support. When disasters strike, we meet families’ most immediate needs and let them know they’re not alone.

About 90 percent of our workforce are volunteers who train year-round to respond to disasters big and small. And as another wildfire season approaches, we stand ready to help.

But we do much more than respond to disasters.

Because so many of you raised your hands and rolled up your sleeves, Red Cross collected 493 units of blood at 11 Roosevelt County blood drives last year. That’s enough blood to save up to 1,479 lives; blood that is vitally important to cancer patients, accident victims, new moms and countless others across Montana.

Through our Service to the Armed Forces program, we support those who serve by providing comfort and care to more than 1,600 Montana military families each year. This includes helping service members return home for major events like a funeral or the birth of a child and giving families the tools to cope with the stresses of deployment.

Responding to disasters, collecting lifesaving blood, supporting our military families … none of this would be possible without the partnerships, trust and support of our communities. Together we are making Montana a safer, better place to call home.

Learn more at montanaredcross. org.

Scott Shanahan

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