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Daines Says Tribes Need More Law Enforcement

U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., spoke last week at the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs about the law enforcement crisis facing Montana Tribes and how the increase in drug trafficking and lack of law enforcement on tribal lands has exacerbated this problem.

Daines discussed the need to promote tribal sovereignty and increase public safety with Montanan Lucy Rain Simpson, the executive director of the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center.

“I have heard from tribes across Montana that there is a severe lack of law enforcement on tribal lands. There is an ongoing crisis surrounding meth and fentanyl across our state and this is coming from Mexican cartels. We are a northern border state that is being flooded with Mexican cartel drugs and our tribes are feeling the brunt of it. The problem, however, is particularly devastating to our tribal communities. This crisis coupled with a lack of law enforcement presence has created a devastating environment... A high crime rate, high suicide rate and a low police presence is a recipe for disaster,” Daines said.

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