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Culbertson Graduates Receive Scholarships

Culbertson High School students received scholarships during the school’s graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 21. Receiving Millard E. Peterson scholarships were Autumn Bergum, James Kirkaldie, Aiden Perkins, Tige Purvis and Wyatt Snyder. The scholarship is in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Peterson by their son Millard E. Peterson, who attended Culbertson High School. The scholarship award amount for this year is $5,000.

Winners of the Maude Schuetze Foundation scholarships are Bergum and Kirkaldie. The scholarship has been established and funded with assets of the Maude M. Schuetze estate. Maude was a member of numerous local organizations and the foundation was established to perpetuate her philanthropic interest in the Culbertson area.

Bergum was the recipient of the Gene Dillman Memorial Scholarship. The award was set up in honor of the former elementary principal who viewed education as the way to build foundation to achieve your dreams.

Purvis and Bergum received the Culbertson Group Scholarship that was established in 2018 to support and promote athletic activity in the community. In 2018, the group hosted its first annual basketball tournament for grades 4-12. Funds raised during the three-day tournament are used to encourage and support a quality athletic program and the enhancement of mind and body for all student athletes.

Aiden Perkins was the recipient of the DUI Task Force Scholarship. The Roosevelt County DUI Task Force offers annual scholarships to promote positive, drug free lives.

Winners of the Pederson, Fell, Hanson scholarship were Morgan Lucas, Snyder, Kirkaldie, Bergum and Purvis. The scholarships were established in 2021 in memory of Bryan Pederson, Caleb Fell and Joseph Hanson, who were three special young men that were taken took soon. They each had dreams and ambitions that will forever remain unrealized. Their families have set up this yearly scholarships to help aid students attain their dreams and reach their full potential.

Montana Army National Guard awarded Eric Chilson a $12,500 signing bonus, 100 percent tuition waiver at his desired university and the GI Bill of $607 per month.

Bergum received the Froid Scholarship through the Froid Scholarship basketball tournament originated in 1984 as a tribute to Jeff Ryder. Tremendous support throughout the years has given the fund enough base to award a scholarship to a surrounding high school graduate was well as a Froid High School graduate.

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