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Voters To Decide On Marijuana Tax Issues

Roosevelt County residents will have the chance to vote on June 7, to establish a special local option tax on medical marijuana and non-medical marijuana in the county.

One vote is to have a 3 percent tax on the retail value of all medical marijuana and medical marijuana products. The other vote is a 3 percent tax on the retail value of all non-medical marijuana and non-medical marijuana products sold within the county.

County commissioners don’t know the exact additional funding the taxes could bring to the county. Funds are split up with 50 percent going to the county, 5 percent to the state and the rest divided among the cities.

Commissioners estimate the amount could be about $60,000 a year.

Commissioners say they know of three dispensaries in Wolf Point and one starting on the edge of Culbertson.

If the measures pass, commissioners will then decide where to use the funds. Public safety is the probable area for funding, they said.

In the first year of legal recreational marijuana sales in the state. monthly sales have been fairly steady in Roosevelt County and throughout Montana.

According to the Montana Department of Revenue, Roosevelt County experienced $174,625 in estimated cannabis sales to adults during March. In addition, there were $204,364 medical sales for a total of $378,990.

Those figures are significant increases in relationship to the previous two months. Roosevelt County had estimated cannabis sales to adults of $117,303 and medical sales of $214,698 during January. The figures were $137,921 in estimated adult sales and $201,388 in medical sales during February.

For Roosevelt County, adult use sales amounted to $161,600.86 during April. Medical sales were $158,324.45.

During the month of April, adult use sales amounted to $25,374,623 and medical sales were $9,062,420 in Montana.

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