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TEB Talks Foster Homes, Head Start

In this week’s Fort Peck Tribes chairman’s report, BIA Superintendent Anna Eder spoke to the tribal executive board regarding the need for additional licensed foster homes. There are only 10 on the reservation. Currently, these homes are either full or used as kinship placements. The BIA has been left with no other choice than to place some foster children in homes outside the reservation.

Councilman Bryce Kirk told Eder that the BIA has been making this request and that Tribal Foster Home Licensing and HIP have stated that BIA needs to act first.

“I think it’s time we set up a meeting between them, you guys and us, because the ball is getting dropped for our kids. We need to take care of this right now,” Kirk said.

Councilwoman Shannon Martell said that the word needs to get out about the tribe’s foster system.

“We need to shock people. We need to tell them what you’re reporting to us. We should produce fliers that tell people what the requirements are to care for a foster child,” Martell said.

In committee resolutions, the board passed a motion to approve hazard pay for the Head Start program staff for time and a quarter. The board then approved a motion to give Bill Prichard a provisional gaming license and another to reinstate Georgia Atkinson’s gaming license.

The board ended the meeting to attend a funeral service Judy Johnson, who gave many years of her life working for the Fort Peck Tribes.

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