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Commissioners Receive Bids, Applications

Roosevelt County commissioners opened bids for the county shop project and received request for qualifications applications for another project during a special meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 5.

Six different companies submitted bids for the county shop building project. Bids included $1,515,500 from Corland Construction of Sidney, $1,554,593 from Clausen and Sons of Havre, $1,637,556 from B& B Builders of Sidney, $1,842,500 from Young Guns Construction of South Dakota, $2,244,776 from First Dakota Enterprises of South Dakota and $2,250,000 of Edman Builders of Fort Collins, Colo., and Williston, N.D.

Officials will review the bids, and commissioners will award a bid on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

“For both projects, it’s nice to have some interest,” Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said.

There were four proposals received for the county road right-ofway project.

Oelkers explained that between 70-80 percent of the county’s roads don’t have proper easements or right of ways. The county is seeking an engineering firm to lead that project.

Companies who submitted RFQs were Northern Engineering and Consulting of Billings, WWC Engineering of Helena, Bartlett & West of Bismarck, N.D., and Interstate Engineering.

Commissioners have developed a contractors sheet to score each company based on different categories. Commissioners will review their scores during a meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

Commissioners have set aside $100,000 of COVID-related funding for the right-of-way projects for this year. They expect the work to take one to three years.

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