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Wolf Point School Trustees Disagree On Committee Selections

Wolf Point School Trustees  Disagree On Committee Selections Wolf Point School Trustees  Disagree On Committee Selections

In her superintendent’s report during the most recent Wolf Point School board meeting, Loverty Erickson said that the school district is off to a great start. She feels it’s a strong administration team and that new staff members are bringing new energy and ideas.

Erickson is looking forward to the second annual virtual pow-wow along with the on-site pow-wow.

She said the complaint filed by the Wolf Point Education Association in December 2020 has been dismissed. The case cost the district $12,000 in legal expenses and two weeks of staff time, Erickson said.

A debate occurred after Erickson announced that Linda Hansen, Lanette Clark and Mark Zilkoski were to serve on the negotiations committee. Hansen, the board’s chair, selected the committee.

Trustee Corey Reum said he and trustee Lawrence Hamilton Jr. have been working to improve relationships with the teachers’ union.

Hansen explained that her decision was based on the fact that she and Clark served in prior years, and that Zilkoski has experience after being a trustee for the Frontier School District. Another factor is that Reum might soon be leaving the board after being approved as a school bus driver.

Reum said the decision concerning him was understandable, but he feels Hamilton should be on the committee because of his positive relationship with the union.

“The union really doesn’t work well with most board members,” Reum said.

“Says you,” Clark responded.

“You can ask her, she’s sitting right there,” Reum said, referring to union president Toavs.

Hansen said her goal is to move forward in a positive way. After Toavs mentioned that board members weren’t very involved in the past bargaining process, Hansen said she feels that will change.

Trustees approved the recommendation to hire Scott Vandall as head high school wrestling coach. An assistant coach and a junior high coach still need to be hired.

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