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Bainville Council Approves Preliminary Budget

Ordinances Discussed, RCSO Attends

The Bainville Town Council held its regular meeting Monday, July 13. Mayor Dennis Portra and councilmen Ron Butikofer, Travis Wills and Chuck Hyatt were in attendance.

The agenda was approved with one addition to old business: A list of properties currently out of compliance with town ordinances was prepared for the council by Wills. Notices will be sent out to property owners.

A web complaint regarding two young dogs being left unattended was discussed during the public comment period. A copy of the complaint was provided to Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office deputy Jared Standing, who attended the meeting. Standing said Bainville residents with complaints and concerns should call 911 or the non-emergency dispatch number, 406-653-6240.

Culbertson justice of the peace Peggy Hendrickson attended the meeting and provided a full report of the court’s activity dating back to January 2019.

A policy and ordinance review was conducted, with discussion focused on the dog-at-large ordinance.

A public hearing for an ordinance change amending buildings and construction regulations to include shipping containers as storage was set for Aug. 10. Full details will be advertised.

A discussion of possible changes to the town’s vehicle policy was tabled pending insurance information.

A resolution was passed adopting a preliminary budget for 2020-21. A public hearing was set for August 10. Details will be advertised.

The treasurer’s report was approved including claims and checks dated July 13, 2020, vouchers and payroll slips, delinquent accounts review, financial updates and a budget timeline for 2020-21.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Aug. 10 at 7 p.m.

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