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Trace Hilburn

Trace Hilburn Trace Hilburn

Trace Louis Hilburn, four, of Sidney died June 19, 2020.

He was born four weeks early on May 4, 2016, in Miles City to parents Trey and Kayla (Mindt) Hilburn.

He joined three older brothers, Aaron, Nathan, and Konnar. Being the fourth of five boys, he grew up tough. From the day he was born, he had a mind of his own. Even though he knew how to walk by the age of eight months, he absolutely refused and chose to bear crawl until he was 1½ years old.

He was such a charmer, always giving people compliments.

He loved his family and had a special place in his heart for his grandparents. When visiting Grandma Carrie and Papa Eddie in Fort Peck, he found terrorizing the minnows in the tank so exciting. He also could be found sneaking into the Lakeridge store convincing his grandparents, aunts, and uncles that he really needed a Zinger, even if that meant denying his parents’ wishes. He treasured fishing the Missouri River with Papa Marty even if all they caught were memories. Moments with Grandma Tina were spent outdoors in the garden, watering flowers or going inside to bake cookies or read books.

Hunting, fishing and t-ball were always at the top of his list of favorite activities.

He was a mischievous, goofy, sweet little boy who enjoyed life and lit up any room he entered.

He attended preschool at Heart Prints & Hand Prints Preschool. He took his learning very seriously, always quizzing to make sure his family was paying attention to what he was teaching them. He had big dreams to accomplish and was set on becoming a doctor. Some of his most cherished toys were his anatomy toys and pretend doctor kit.

He is survived by his parents, Trey and Kayla Hilburn; brothers, Aaron, Nathan, Konnar and Tatum; grandparents, Eddie and Carrie Mindt and Marty and Tina Strauser; great-grandparents, Larry and Sharon Mindt, Denise Herman, Don and Margret Ligon.

Services were held Friday, June 26, at the Richland County Fairgrounds Event Center in Sidney. Burial was in the Lambert Cemetery in Lambert.

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