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Deadly Crossing Near Bainville Under Review

According to Lori Ryan, public information officer for the Montana Department of Transportation, a safety review is expected to begin on the crossing at Road 1013 near Bainville to determine if extra safety measures are needed. A May 29 crash took the life of Sidney’s Rocky Norby, prompting the review.

“Upon further details of this crash,” said Ryan, “a diagnostic review process will be initiated.”

Ryan said additional details about the fatal crash were needed before a timeline for beginning the review could be established. The review is expected to be a determining factor for any safety improvements.

Roosevelt County Commissioner Gordon Oelkers established a loose timeline for improvements to the crossing, including crossing arms and lights. He said the processes involved may take a year or more before construction can begin. He said he hopes to see the project completed by summer 2021.

Said Oelkers, “Montana Department of Transportation district administrator Shane Mintz stated a study will be done as a first step to get federal safety funds to place lights and arms at the crossing. This has been a process that seems slow, but we are looking forward to next summer when we can place lights and arms on the dangerous crossing.”

Norby’s death was the third death at that crossing in a year. In August, Caleb Fell, 21, and Bryan Pederson, 18, died at the railroad crossing on Road 1013. The two men were employees of Oil Waste Logistics and were hauling radioactive waste for the Culbertson company.

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