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More Than A Third Of Roosevelt County Voters Turn Out For Primary

Over a third of Roosevelt County’s eligible voters cast ballots in the primary election Tuesday, June 2. Statewide, there were no surprises among partisan candidates vying to compete against each other in the November general election.

Roosevelt County reported 2,068 (36.93 percent) of 5,600 registered voters cast ballots.

Voters approved the Roosevelt County public safety levy 1,277 to 626.

The election was one of few all mail-in primary elections across the nation. Voters were permitted to deliver ballots in person. It remains unknown if the November general election will be mail-in.

The Montana Secretary of State’s Office reported Monday, June 8 that 96.26 percent of votes were reported statewide. Roosevelt County reported 100 percent. The 3.74 percent not reported were federal absentee, which are votes by military members serving away from home, and provisional ballots. Federal absentee and provisional ballots were opened and counted after the Northern Plains Independent went to press.

The Roosevelt County Clerk and Recorder’s Office said Monday, June 8, that no date had been set for the Board of County Commissioners to canvas the election results, which will make results official.

Statewide Unofficial

Presidential Democratic: Joe Biden, 111,340, 74.48 percent; Bernie Sanders, 21,266; Elizabeth Warren, 11,941.

Governor Democratic: Mike Cooney, 81,234, 54.8 percent; Whitney Williams, 66,878.

Governor Republican: Greg Gianforte, 118,884, 53.4 percent; Tim Fox, 60,617; Al Olszewski, 42,953.

Other Statewide Results

U.S. Senate: Democrat Steve Bullock will face Republican incumbent Steve Daines.

U.S. House: Democrat Whitney Williams will face Republican Matt Rosendale.

Attorney General: Democrat Raph Graybill will face Republican Austin Knudsen.

Roosevelt County Results

Presidential Democratic: Joe Biden, 657; Bernie Sanders, 110; Elizabeth Warren, 49; no preference 34.

Presidential Republican: Donald Trump, 1,090; no preference, 51.

U.S. Senate Democratic: Steve Bullock, 799; Mike Knoles, 32; John Mues, 20.

U.S. Senate Green: Dennis Daneke, 3; Wendie Fredrickson, 2.

U.S. Senate Republican: Steve Daines, 1,003; John Driscoll, 54; Daniel Larson, 71.

U.S. House Democratic: Kathleen Williams, 743; Tom Winter, 97.

U.S. House Green: John Gibney, 5.

U.S. House Republican: Joe Dooling, 75; John Evankovich, 23; Debra Lamm, 70; Mark McGinley, 35; Matt Rosendale, 658; Corey Stapleton, 233.

Governor Democratic: Mike Cooney, 342; Whitney Williams, 507.

Governor Green: Barb Thomas, 6.

Governor Republican: Tim Fox, 249; Greg Gianforte, 688; Al Olszewski 194.

Secretary of State Democratic: Bryce Bennett (unopposed), 774. Secretary of State Republican: Bowen Greenwood, 85; Christi Jacobsen, 211; Brad Johnson, 233; Kurt Johnson, 51; Forrest Mandeville, 105; Scott Sales, 280.

Attorney General Democratic: Kimberly Dudik, 459; Raph Graybill, 336.

Attorney General Green: Roy Davis, 4.

Attorney General Republican: Jon Bennion, 295; Austin Knudsen, 827.

Auditor Democratic: Shane Morigeau, 461; Mike Winsor, 361.

Auditor Republican: Troy Downing, 419; Nelly Nicol, 246; Scott Tuxbury, 267.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Democratic: Melissa Romano, 767 State Superintendent of Public Instruction Republican: Elsie Arntzen, 905.

State Senate District 16 Democratic: Jestin Dupree, 168; Kristofer FourStar, 108; Mike Fox, 102; Bridget Smith, 324.

State Senate District 17 Republican: Mike Lang, 524.

State Representative District 31 Democratic: Frank J. Smith, 623.

State Representative District 34 Republican: Rhonda Knudsen, 394; Tracy Schuster, 222.

Supreme Court Justice No. 5 (nonpartisan): Mike Black, 490; Laurie McKinnon, 996; Mars Scott, 218.

Supreme Court Justice No. 6 (nonpartisan): Jim Shea, 1,670.

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