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Eighteen Graduate From Culbertson High School In Class Of 2020

Eighteen Graduate From Culbertson High School In Class Of 2020 Eighteen Graduate From Culbertson High School In Class Of 2020

Members of the Class of 2020 for Culbertson High School certainly missed their friends during the shutdown created by Coronavirus. The TV show Friends played a role in the graduates' special day on Saturday afternoon, May 16, as the 18-member class posed with umbrellas similar to the classic TV show's opening and the class' slide show presentation was titled, “The One Where They Were Quarantined 2020.”

Valedictorian Ashtyn Ator said that students realized during the shutdown that they actually enjoy coming to school.

Ator said she will miss having all of her friends together and being in the locker room prior to a game. She will also miss her teachers, “Who despite everything got us where we're at now.”

She mentioned Thursday, March 12, as “the day no one knew would be the last before the shutdown.”

Ator reminded her classmates, “You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” How individuals handle their mistakes and regrets will determine their memories. She thanked teachers, parents, families and coaches for their support.

Salutatorian Mariah Cathey said she's grateful to the school's administration, community and families for working to make the social distancing graduation ceremony in the school's gym possible.

Cathey said the seniors missed out on trips, BPA competitions, music festivals and spring sports due to Coronavirus, but the class has many great memories throughout the years.

“We will always have this memory together,” Cathey noted.

She quoted legendary basketball coach John Wooden, “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

Guest speaker was Steve “Super Steve” Larsen, who has worked at the school for 25 years and is now retiring.

Larsen, who turned the podium around so he was facing the graduates, talked about the importance of making choices and learning from bad choices.

“Don't be afraid of making choices because they are too tough,” Larsen said. “Trust your instincts.”

Culbertson's senior earning scholarships included: Millard Peterson: Ashtyn Ator, Mariah Cathey, Tyler Willbanks, Clayton Marchwick, Gabe Granada, Rachael Gilbert, Jacob Crowder and Payton Hauge.

Maude Schuetze: Ashtyn Ator, Jacob Crowder, Gabe Granada, Clayton Marchwick, Payton Hauge and Kelsie Williams.

Gene Dillman: Ashtyn Ator Culbertson Group Scholarships: Clayton Marchwick, Ashtyn Ator and Payton Hauge.

Sheridan Electric Electrician Scholarship: Eli Williams True Companies Children of Employees Scholarships: Eli Williams and Kelsie Williams.

Montana University System STEM Scholarships: Ashtyn Ator and Fallon Sun Rhodes.

Native American Incentives: Julianna Granbois, Jerek Summers, Ashlin Kirn, Victoria Barnhart and Fallon Sun Rhodes.

Ashcraft Foundation: Jacob Crowder.

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