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Wolf Point Police And Fire Blotter

( Publisher’s Note: The following blotter includes the activities of the Wolf Point police and fire department April 20-26. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent.) Citations were issued to:

April 20

Sixteen-year-old male, 300 block of Custer Street, minor in possession, tribal court.

Fourteen-year-old female, 300 block of Custer Street, minor in possession, tribal court.

Devin Hall, 30, male, Town Pump, public intoxication and disorderly conduct, tribal court.

April 21

Charlie Garfield, 38, male, 200 block of Sixth Avenue South, driving without a license, speeding and no insurance, tribal court.

Alexander Barr, 29, male, 400 block of Helena Street, partner or family member assault, tribal court.

Brandon Jackson, 34, male, 500 block of Main Street warrant, tribal court.

Fourteen-year-old female, 600 block of Third Avenue South, minor in possession, tribal court.

Fourteen-year-old female (same one who was cited on April 20), 600 block of Third Avenue South, minor in possession, tribal court.

April 23

Cody Spaur, 30, male, 100 block of East Front Street, endangering welfare of a child, tribal court.

April 24

Gerald Schindler Jr., 32, male, 400 block of U.S. Highway 2, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal possession of dangerous drugs and warrants, tribal court.

Don Sharp, 62, male, First Avenue South and Front Street, no insurance and driving with expired registration municipal court.

April 25

Tyrell Eder, 18, male, Fourth Avenue South and Front Street, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and minor in possession, tribal court. Fourteen-year-old female (same one who was listed first on April 21), Fourth Avenue South and Front Street, curfew violation, tribal court.

Violet Siljenberg, 31, female, 400 block of U.S. Highway 2, public intoxication and theft, tribal court.

In addition to the citations above, the WPPD had the following activity: accident/ public, one; alarm/business, two; assault, three; assault/ aggravated, one; assistance required/funeral, one; assistance required/public, six; attempted burglary/business, one; burglary - business/forcible, one; burglary - residential/ forcible, one; burglary - residential/no force, one; curfew (juveniles), one; disorderly conduct/fight, nine; disorderly conduct/other, five; disorderly conduct/vagrant, three; disturbance/arguments, four; disturbance/house party, one; disturbance/panhandling, one; disturbance/remove unwanted person, 12; domestic abuse, six; fire/grass, one; fire/ other, two; fire/structure, two; loitering/panhandling, one; medical assistance, five; minor in possession/alcohol, one; missing person/child, one; motorcycle theft, one; other, one; patrol/ city limits, one; probation violation, one; public intoxication/open container, one; suspicious activity, three; suspicious circumstances, one; suspicious person, four; suspicious person/ gang, one; suspicious vehicle, one; theft, nine; theft/shoplifting, one; traffic crime/hit and run, one; traffic crime/reckless driver, two; traffic incident, five; traffic property/other motor vehicle, one; trespassing, eight; unauthorized use of motor vehicle, one; unsecured premises/law enforcement reported, one; vandalism, three; vandalism/ all others, one; vandalism/ non-residence, one; warrant for arrest, two; welfare check, eight; removal of an unwanted individual(s), one; unspecified, one; total, 134.

Fire Blotter

April 18

The Wolf Point Volunteer Fire Department responded to a barbecue grill gas leak on the 500 block of Cascade Street at 11:26 p.m. Command and 17-8 responded.

April 19

Command and Engine 8 responded to a pallet on fire next to a house on the 400 block of Granville Street at 3:59 a.m.

WPVFD responded to a mutual aid call in Poplar for a fire on Road 480 at 2:55 p.m. with 17-8 and command.

April 22

Command and 17-8 responded to a grass fire on Pumpkin Hill at 10 p.m. The fire is believed to have been started by youth.

April 24

WPVFD responded to a Poplar mutual aid call for a shop on fire on Road 5880/ BIA Route 1 at 12:26 a.m. 17-9 and 17-4 responded.

Command and 17-8 responded to Blaine Street for a report of a downed powerline at 3:15 a.m. A power pole had been hit by a vehicle.

A structure fire was reported on the 400 block of Idaho Street. Command and Engine 8 responded. It was a garbage can and lawnchair on fire from a cigarette on fire next to the house.

April 26

A grass fire was reported on the 700 block of Knapp at 5:31 a.m. Command, 17-8 and 17-1 responded to this fire of suspicious origins.

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