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Froid School To Remain Closed

Froid Superintendent of Schools Janessa Parenteau said she struggled sleeping before deciding to make the recommendation to keep Froid's schools closed for the remainder of the school year.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock gave schools the option of reopening starting on May 7, but the decision was left to each school district how they wish to proceed while dealing with the Coronavirus crisis. Schools have been closed throughout the state since March 16 due to the spread of the disease. Since that time, distance learning has become the new normal for Montana students.

“We miss our kids. We all want our kids back in school,” Parenteau said during last week's special school board meeting.

She noted that the school district couldn't guarantee the students' safety if they returned to school. She explained that requirements include cleaning the library, cafeteria or gym after each individual use.

“I was leaning heavily to opening it so they could have closure,” trustee Scott Westlund said. But he added that the superintendent's recommendation changed his mind. “I appreciate the way you laid it out.”

Trustees unanimously approved Parenteau's recommendation to keep the school closed and continue with distance learning.

Parenteau thanked parents for their great commitment and understanding during this time.

“They've done above and beyond,” Parenteau said of the parents.

School officials are still considering options for the graduation ceremony involving Froid's three senior students.

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