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Allmer Joins Wolf Point Council For Ward 4

Cemetery Maintenance Contract Awarded

The Wolf Point City Council held their regular meeting Monday, April 20. The full council was in attendance. Fifty-plus people viewed the meeting on Facebook and Zoom.

Minutes were approved for the public meeting held May 29, the March 16 public hearing and regular meeting and a March 23 special meeting.

Tori Matejovsky from Great Northern Development Corporation addressed the council. GNDC is available to help small businesses parse COVID-19 related government lending programs. Matejovsky said many area businesses have applied for payroll protection loans.

Public works director Ward Smith told the council that several PAPI lights are out of commission at L.M. Clayton Airport. He added that repairs to the airport fence have been completed after a vehicle crashed through it.

Greg Lukasik from Great West Engineering said there have been some delays to city swimming pool improvements. He said the work should still be done by early June as planned.

Erickson Irrigation was awarded the park and cemetery maintenance contract. The cost for the coming year will be approximately $76,000.

City attorney Anna Rose Sullivan said she is working with an area landowner’s legal team to finalize negotiations about cleanup efforts at two blighted properties in Wolf Point.

Dschaak said city residents are encouraged to work on cleaning up area properties, but reminded everyone to employ social distancing techniques. He also said that a vacant house on Dawson Street has been taken over by the city and demolished.

Dave Betshismedicine was approved for hire with the Wolf Point Police Department effective April 2. Police Chief Jeff Harada reported that there were 55 arrests or citations during the month of March.

The council approved a Bridge & Road Safety Accountability Act funds request in the amount of $61,000 for street maintenance. The matching amount for the city to receive the funds is $3,066.

Lukasik told the council that Maguire Iron will not be able to make scheduled repairs to the city’s smaller water tank in June. The group plans to make the repairs sometime in July.

An agreement with Great West Engineering was approved to design and build two railroad crossings in Wolf Point pending additional review from Great West’s lawyer.

Monthly activities reports were approved, along with monthly financial reports. The council also approved the quarterly securities and investment reports.

Claims were accepted in the amount of $124,890.79.

Lee Allmer submitted a letter indicating his willingness and ability serve on the council in the vacant Ward 4 spot, which is south of the railroad tracks and west of Third Ave South. The council approved him unanimously. He will be sworn in before the next regular council meeting.

Dschaak reiterated the need for an appointment from Ward 2. If you are interested, contact the city at 406-653‑1852.

The next regular council meeting is set for May 18 at 7 p.m.

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