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The passing of a friend is different for everyone, but a best friend is difficult. When I say “last best friend,” I do not mean that I will have no more best friends. I am talking about Wolf Point’s Best Friend.

In days gone by, those who lived and worked in Wolf Point would get together, discuss what the needs of the town were and, if it was possible to do, they would get it done. Volunteer or donate, go to meetings, write to their Congressman, whatever it took. Build a Courthouse, a Library, a Police Station, City Office, Swimming Pool, Wheelchair-Accessible Sidewalks, a Park, a Gazebo. Whatever it took. Those people that came together for the good of the town have been leaving or dying away, the Movers and Shakers. Those that could see the future. We lost our last one. To say that I lost a Best Friend is minimized in its printing. This Friend would drop everything if you came for a visit. The lawn mowing could wait until tomorrow.

I never got to say good bye. He was supposed to be here always. And, because of the virus, I can’t even visit his wife so that she could console me.

I am a better person because I knew you, Keith. God’s speed, Friend.

Larry Neutgens

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