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Roosevelt County Jail Roster

( Publisher’s Note: Each week, the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office distributes an inmate roster with the names of everyone incarcerated and persons booked into the jail during the previous week and does not necessarily mean there is a new charge or conviction.) As of April 13, prisoners who were housed in the Roosevelt County Detention Center over the past three weeks included: Joseph Agosto Jr., 20, Oswego, warrant. Elizabeth Annett, 38, Culbertson, arrest warrant.

Tala Beston, 25, Wolf Point, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

Randy Black, 41, Plentywood, hold for other agency.

Chelsea Booth, 28, Culbertson, arrest warrant.

Joshua Burks, 38, Culbertson, arrest warrant.

Jayden Burton, 19, Plentywood, hold for other agency.

Andrea Damm, 29, Culbertson, obstructing peace officer or other public servant.

Lee Damm, 27, Culbertson, arrest warrant.

Crystal Dionne, 35, Poplar, arrest warrant.

Alexander Eakins, 30, Poplar, partner/family member assault.

Clovis Geno, 54, Culbertson, murder.

Kelli Heser, 34, Wolf Point, criminal possession of dangerous drugs. Elizabeth Lamey, 44, Great Falls, theft.

Shaun Marchwick, 39, Culbertson, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

Dougal McMorris, 24, Wolf Point, disorderly conduct.

Richelle Melbourne, 27, Poplar, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Troy Mitchell, 27, Sioux City, Iowa, warrant.

Clayton Montclair III, 21, Wolf Point, hold for Fort Peck Tribes.

Breanna Rahnlowe, 20, Froid, assault with a weapon.

Jason Rice, 25, Plentywood, revocation of suspended or deferred sentence.

Jessica Robles, 35, Wolf Point, endangering welfare of children.

Richard Rutledge, 46, Culbertson, incest.

Wayne Sandau Sr., 60, Poplar, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jody Vasquez, 24, Williston, N.D., arrest warrant.

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