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Postponements Of Spring Activities Have Been Extended With Season Cancellations Possible

Postponements of high school spring sports, music and other activities are now extended until Friday, April 24, with season cancellations of all activities if students do not return to classes in the schools by Monday, May 4.

The Helena-headquartered Montana High School Association executive board voting during a conference call meeting Thursday, April 9, to extend the postponements of all activities at due to safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The MHSA postponed the start of spring activities until further notice during mid-March, a few days after the MHSA halted all state basketball tournaments that were in progress. Those decisions came after the first four positive tests in Montana for COVID-19.

Students throughout Montana have not attended classes in schools for several weeks since Gov. Steve Bullock ordered all public schools closed. According to the MHSA, the postponements include practices, contests, meets and festivals.

The MHSA said in a prepared statement released April 9 that resuming activities would depend on students’ return to in-person instruction by Monday May 4.

“We take seriously the directives from the governor, state Health Department and CDC for the safety of our students and for their communities. Their safety is our top priority during these challenging times,” MHSA executive director Mark Beckman said in the written statement.

“If spring activities are resumed, the practice requirement for sports at that time will be five practices from resumption except for golf which will be the normal two practices required,” he said.

“If spring activities are resumed, postseason formats will be adjusted by the MHSA with executive board approval,” Beckman said.

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