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DUI Task Force Extends Scholarship Deadline

The Roosevelt County DUI Task Force met via conference call Wednesday, April 1. The main topics of discussion were electing officers for the task force and how to proceed with the DUI Task Force scholarship amid the current health landscape.

First, nominations for the chair and vice-chair were opened up by A.J. Allen, DUI Task Force coordinator. Allen started by informing those in attendance that he had received previous nominations from Frederick Lee of Colleen Timmins-Lee for chairperson and Mary Machart for vice-chairperson. Both currently hold those positions respectively.

Allen asked if there were any other nominations with no response. After asking for nominations three times, Allen opened up for comment. Roosevelt County Commissioner Gary Macdonald motioned to have the current chairperson and vice-chairperson remain in their respective positions. Allen seconded the motion and opened up for vote. The motion carried unanimously.

The next topic was regarding the DUI Task Force scholarship and how to proceed with it. Allen stated that it was originally due March 25, but with everything that has happened and with schools closing, he was not able to pick up scholarships that had been turned in. He stated that there were scholarships turned in and was working to obtain those.

Allen asked if the task force thought the deadline should remain closed or if it should be extended to give high school seniors an opportunity to complete a scholarship application while having to be home.

Timmins-Lee stated that she felt extending the scholarship deadline was a great option. Macdonald stated that the scholarship could be awarded anytime between now and the end of June.

After further deliberation, it was decided to extend the scholarship deadline to April 30. Allen stated that he would contact the schools, get the notice in the paper and on the radio and have it on the health department Facebook page. He also stated that he would work to obtain the copies previously turned in to the school counselors.

In other business, Allen stated that school events and alcohol service trainings he had scheduled were canceled. He is recommending that alcohol- selling businesses continue to use the online classes approved by the Montana Department of Revenue.

Timmons-Lee stated that several Alive at 25 classes she scheduled with the schools were canceled.

Finally, Allen stated that the task force had received a DUI reinstatement fee of $400 for last quarter.

The next DUI Task Force meeting is scheduled for May 6 from 2 to 3 p.m. It will likely be via conference call, although that decision has not been made official. For questions about the task force or the DUI Task Force scholarship, contact Allen at 653-6212.

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