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Culbertson School Continues With Online, Remote Learning

Although few things are normal in today's public education world, distance learning is going as well as could be expected for Culbertson students.

“We're continuing education by distance learning,” Culbertson superintendent of schools Larry Crowder said of the challenges of school closures due to Coronavirus. “We're pushing out information over electronics and with packages for those who don't have as much technology.”

Crowder noted parents are often being contacted through phone calls and emails.

“Packages are going out and packages are coming back in,” he said. “We're pretty much doing what everybody else is doing to be honest.” He said about seven families in the district don't have internet access.

“Some of the other families don't have every device, so we're loaning some out,” Crowder said.

Crowder is thankful that Nemont donated 40 Chromebooks, a value of about $10,000.

As far as high school seniors, Crowder said they need to pass their current classes to graduate. No other special tests or anything like that would be needed.

“We're still hopeful to have graduation on May 16,” Crowder said. “If not then, we still want to have a graduation ceremony at some point.”

In addition, prom has been postponed, but not canceled.

“That's also in a holding pattern,” Crowder said. He added that it's possible that the event could be held during the summer. “We will try to hold it as families have spent quite a bit of money on dresses for it.”

The school district continues to serve meals to homes who want the service. About 50 students were served starting on March 17, and that figure has increased to about 60 students.

Crowder expressed appreciation to Sheridan Electric for donating bottled water and bags for the lunches.

“It's just the strangest of times,” Crowder said. “Distance learning isn't something that we do on a normal basis. We will continue to provide the best education that we can.”

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