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Delegates representing Montana included Jeri Copenhaver, Helena; Tyce Erickson, Dutton; Lilly Green, Great Falls; Kirby Hancock, Bozeman; Cory Kelly, Chester; Paul Neubauer, Havre; Maggie Shane, Floweree; Walter Schweitzer, Geyser; Will Downs, Molt; and Jan Tusick, Polson.

Each year, MFU takes a youth delegate to expose them to the policy making process and provide a voice for the next generation of ag leaders in Montana. Tyce Erickson served as the youth delegate and comments on his experience.

“I enjoyed the national Farmers Union convention in Georgia from the people to the sites,” said Erickson. “The convention was everything I thought it would be and then some. The policy meetings were entertaining with the debates and learning how other states differ from Montana. It is essential to stay involved with an agriculture organization to determine what is new and happening within the farming community. In total, I learned a lot about farmers around the nation and the importance of attending policy meetings, which help gives a voice to the agriculture community.

Member Sarah Rachor served on the national policy committee. She said it’s important to have representation from Montana at the national level.

“Serving on the 2020 National Farmers Union Policy Committee was a great experience,” said Rachor. “Montana does not always get a representative so I wanted to make sure all areas of our state had a say. There were plenty of interesting updates to our national policy after 2019, especially in regards to our safety net and how we as a nation help our farmers and ranchers in years of need. Plus Montana was able to remain at the forefront in industrial hemp policy to help shape this industry and any regulations needed by our producers and processors.” Farmers Union delegates approved the following six special orders for the coming year:

•Family Farming and 2019: A Most Challenging Year.

•Family Farming and the 2020 Election.

•Family Farming and Climate Change.

•Family Farming and Cooperatives.

•Family Farming and Dairy Policy Reform.

•Family Farming and Truth in Labeling and Promotion of Meat Products.

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