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Tribes Receive Funding For New IHS Facility

Grants Awarded For Justice System Planning, Substance Abuse Programs

Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board member Jestin Dupree shared news about a new Indian Health Services building and building renovation in Poplar Feb. 27.

In a social media post, Dupree stated: “Today, the IHS Facilities Director came in and shared some information about the new building that will be built to the west of our current IHS clinic in Poplar. There are two old houses there, but they will be knocked down for this new building.”

Dupree told the Northern Plains Independent that the new building will be called the White Buffalo Clinic.

Dupree said, “$13.9 million has been awarded to the Poplar IHS for a new building and renovation.”

He said the new facility will have dental services, optometry, audiology and medical records. The current IHS will be renovated with a new pharmacy, new lab and a new lobby, said Dupree.

A groundbreaking event is scheduled for April 14 in Poplar.

According to RJS & Associates, Inc., the Tribes were also awarded $348,907 in February from the Department of Justice to implement a Support for Adam Walsh Act Implementation Grant Program.

This three-year program will increase the capacity of Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act compliance officers to register sex offenders and enhance SORNA implementation by the development of administrative materials to implement Electronic Biometric Transmission Specifications and DNA testing.

In January, $1,714,489 was awarded under the Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation. These funds will be used to implement four different programs: Comprehensive Tribal Justice Systems Strategic Planning, $149,723; Justice Systems and Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program, $480,070; Corrections and Correctional Alternatives, $734,696; and Juvenile Healing to Wellness Courts, $350,000.

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