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Commissioners Set Tax Sale For March 17

New Judge’s Bench, Platform Approved For Culbertson

The Roosevelt County commissioners held their regular public meeting Tuesday, March 3. Commissioners Gordon Oelkers, Duane Nygaard and Gary Macdonald were in attendance.

Minutes were approved for the month of February and the Feb. 18 regular meeting.

During the public comment period, Bill Juve asked the commissioners about legislation to do away with Daylight Savings. Oelkers, Nygaard and Macdonald said the most recent bill before the state legislature died in committee.

An interlocal agreement was approved between the county and the Montana Department of Justice regarding microwave systems improvements at Culbertson, Deadman and Windy Hill sites. The improvements will be financed by appropriations made by the Montana Legislature as laid out by Senate Bill 352.

The commissioners approved a request to purchase a new judge’s platform and bench for the Culbertson justice of the peace. The cost of the improvements will come to approximately $2,400.

Three resolutions were passed: 2020-14 approves the junk vehicle program capitol improvement fund, preparing the way for the purchase of equipment to relocate abandoned vehicles. Resolution 2020-15 approves a project on County Road 2031 to replace a slab. Resolution 2020-16 is a request for funding to for the slab project on CR 2031.

A tax deed sale date was approved. The second round of sales will be held March 17.

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