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Attorney General Candidate Graybill Visits Wolf Point

Attorney General Candidate  Graybill Visits Wolf Point Attorney General Candidate  Graybill Visits Wolf Point

Democrat Raph Graybill visited Wolf Point’s Sherman Inn Sunday, Feb. 16. The candidate for attorney general has pledged to back Montanans on health care prices, in the fight against methamphetamine and for clean, open government.

Campaign spokesman Tyler Campbell told the Northern Plains Independent that the meeting in Wolf Point was attended by legislators, community activists, faith leaders and members of Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes’ tribal executive board.

Graybill, a fifth-generation Montanan from Great Falls, was the author of an executive order protecting net neutrality in Montana. “Net neutrality protects our access to information,” said Graybill. “The federal government’s decision to end net neutrality was a huge giveaway to big telecom companies. They don’t need any more power. Governor Bullock asked me to help him draft an executive order to protect net neutrality in Montana. We were the first state in the country to protect net neutrality after the federal giveaway. We stood up to the federal government and big telecom for Montanans and won.”

The candidate also penned an executive order banning dark money from government contractors.

Said Graybill, “Montana has a proud history of fighting for clean, fair, transparent elections. Our elections should belong to the people, not big corporations or the highest bidder. In 2018, I took the IRS to court and won after they tried to make it easier for dark money groups to hide their influence in our elections. We sued the IRS in federal court in Great Falls and won. I’m also proud to have written Montana’s ban on foreign influence in our elections.”

If successful in the primary, Graybill will face the victor in the GOP contest between former House Speaker and current Roosevelt County Attorney Austin Knudsen and Assistant Attorney General Jon Bennion.

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