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Fifth-Grade Honor Roll

Fifth-Grade Honor Roll Fifth-Grade Honor Roll

Students listed on the Northside School fifth-grade honor roll were (back row, left to right) Conway Turcotte, Dana Buckles, Jorilynn Black Eagle, Aedyn Dionne, Zandon Calder, Della Medicine Stone, Kelly Baker, Thomas Moudree, Christanna (Tanna) Guldborg, Ryelei Bauer, Kevin Brock, (middle row) Payton Williams, Anthony Goodtrack, Chasan Welch, Aaryn Hamilton, Owen Moran, Lakealah Mays, Promise Burshia, Gavin Daugherty, Charlie Spotted Bird, Robert “Jeffy” Bledsaw, Jesse Reed, Jacob White, John Goodbird, (front row) Kauri Dupree, Payton Runs Above, Tanner MacDonald, Kenny Hentges, Jayden Dominique, Gabriel Beston, Azalea Toavs, Kaleb John and Emma Kawasaki.

(Photo by James Walling)

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