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GNDC To Host Cottage Food Law Workshop

Great Northern Development Corp. will host a Montana Food and Agriculture Development Network workshop Feb. 12 discussing the 2015 Montana Food Policy Modernization Act.

The workshop is free of charge and will be held Wednesday, Feb. 12, from 9 a.m. to noon at the GNDC office at 233 Cascade St in Wolf Point.

The 2015 Montana Food Policy Modernization Act (Cottage Food Law) is a real opportunity for Montana food businesses. This workshop will cover the key components of the law and the opportunities it provides.

Cottage food applies to these areas: growing and harvesting, personal home food production and farmers’ markets.

This workshop is intended for those who sell food at farmers’ markets and other outlets and make the food in their home.

Workshop instructors are Jan Tusick and Nina Heinzinger.

Tusick, the center director for the Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center, has been working with food and agriculture businesses over 20 years. She worked closely with the passage of the Cottage Food Law and will share her experience with working with cottage food businesses. Heinzinger, DPHHS Public Health sanitarian, provides assistance to Montana food businesses in meeting the Montana MCA regulations for food production. She works closely with county sanitarians statewide in food business licensing and oversight, especially in the area of cottage food and farmers markets.

Register by visiting www. events/571.

For more information, contact Tami Burke at 406-6532590 ext. 201 or [email protected] org or Tusick at 406-676-5905 or [email protected] org.

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