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Shelter Removed From Poplar Location

Wolf Point Huts Relocated By Deadline

Erik Johannessen’s shelter project gained some ground this week in Wolf Point, beating a deadline of Nov. 27 for removal or relocation of the structures set by BNSF and the Wolf Point Police Department.

Johannessen told the Northern Plains Independent that the structures were moved ahead of the deadline, despite a short extension granted by Police Chief Jeff Harada.

Johannessen said 10 shelter- users provided the manpower for the move. Mary Clelland provided the location.

In Poplar, one the group’s structures was removed from Town of Poplar property without notice Dec. 1. Johannessen said the shelter was put in place Nov. 30 with help from volunteers. He said he had provisional authorization from Poplar Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dave Mathison.

Mathison posted the following on social media Dec. 1: “I will not be a part of hatefullness as much as I respect both parties. I thought what I was doing was right and knew of this from my past chiefs and a past mayor. But, either way, actions taken and proceeding are not mine. I was informed I couldn’t make that decision. Which I’m still going to stand by if said property was turned over to fire department for a new hall and there’s no new hall why couldn’t put a homeless shelter in a safe area.... idk sry Erik my friend I tried.”

Poplar Mayor John Granger has confirmed that one of Johannessen’s structures was removed and taken to a secure location.

Granger shared correspondence with NPI between Town of Poplar’s Shane Halverson and Johannessen from Dec. 2 reading, “Your building is being stored in a secure facility. If you could please come and get it at your earliest convenience. We will be happy to help you load it or assist you in any way we can.”

Johannessen said he was invited to the Poplar Town Council meeting Dec. 10 at 6 p.m. to discuss the matter. For more information about the project, contact Johannessen at 406-790-0597.

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