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Bullock Drops Out Of Race For President

Governor Steve Bullock has dropped out of the contested Democratic primary race. He made an announcement Monday via Twitter: “Today, I’m suspending my campaign for President. Thank you for your belief, your trust, and your support.” Bullock failed to galvanize interest amid a wider field of liberals, despite standing out as a successful Democrat in a solidly red state.

In a longer statement released Monday. Bullock said, “While there were many obstacles we could not have anticipated when entering into this race, it has become clear that in this moment, I won’t be able to break through to the top tier of this still-crowded field of candidates.”

Bullock entered the race approximately six months ago in a high school classroom in his hometown of Helena.

Said Bullock, “I entered this race as a voice to win back the places we lost, bridge divides and rid our system of the corrupting influence of Dark Money. While the concerns that propelled me to enter in the first place have not changed, I leave this race filled with gratitude and optimism, inspired and energized by the good people I’ve had the privilege of meeting over the course of the campaign.”

Bullock mentioned his tenure in public service, stating that it had been his plan to retire after his second term as governor. He did not mention President Trump in either statement, but said his motivations for joining the race included his feeling that, “We have come to a dangerous place in our 243-year experiment with representative democracy.”

Bullock directed the bulk of his comments toward staff and supporters.

“I leaned on supporters across our country that have been by my side throughout my decade-long journey in public service, while earning the support of tens of thousands of people who knew little about me before I kicked off this campaign. So many of you contributed your time, energy, and resources. I walked out of every event and fundraiser more inspired and energized than when I entered. I am in awe of how selfless and generous you have been to me and to our effort.

I assembled an incredible team. Seasoned advisors who could have joined any of the candidates were committed to our effort. Those who moved to Helena and worked their hearts out every day. A finance team that covered the country. And the organizers and staff on the ground in Iowa, who inspired me every day through their energy, belief and enthusiasm.

For the supporters who contributed their time, energy, and resources, and the incredible team who inspired me every day through their belief and enthusiasm, I’m thankful. To the voters who shared their personal stories, their ideas, their encouragement, and their dreams — you make me hopeful for what our country can still achieve.”

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