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Bainville Council Members Discuss Traffic, Street Signs

The Bainville Town Council held its March meeting at the Bainville Town Hall. Residents on 7th Ave East have had complaints and have called the sheriffs office on the fast traffic coming from Clinton Street onto 7th Ave E.

Cora Norton mentioned the abundance of kids that walk to school and cross Clinton Street and requested the town installs crossing signs. With Clinton Street also being a state highway, Lambert said he would contact the highway department and find out what can be done.

During the public comment period, David Norton asked if any building permits that are approved outside of a council meeting would be listed on the agenda. Mayor Toby Romo informed him there have not been any permits that have been approved outside a council meeting and if there is in the future, it will be listed on the upcoming meeting agenda.

Norton also asked what the parking rules are on Clinton Street. Norton said he had seen many people park on the opposite side and was just curious.

Public works/fire chief Lambert said he is about 40 percent done with the lead and cooper surveys. Also, Lambert said he has started the Preliminary ISO for the insurance rating for the town and fire department. He also mentioned that the new furnace in the water house is really nice.

Romo told the council about the lift station generator issue Dan Lambert had been working on. He said it was a simple fix and now the generator has been running great.

Romo asked Lyle Lambert for an update on the water project. Lambert said last he talked to the engineers at Interstate Engineering, its all in the hands of waiting for DEQ approval. The modeling for the project all passed as well, with a 4-inch line. The town is waiting on DEQ to accept it.

Diane Panasuk’s storage units were discussed during the building permits portion of the meeting. Romo said the units were placed on her property before applying for a building permit. Panasuk appeared via phone and said she knew she needed to get a permit approved. Romo mentioned that there is a $100 fine for any structures built prior to having the permit approved. Romo suggested she pay the fine with the permit fee. After council discussion, Gilligan made a motion to approve the building permit contingent on a site visit by Romo. The motion passed.

The council discussed the changes they would like to make to the sidewalk policy. They discussed required specifications, new development, and liability issues.

Water Re-connect fee recommendations: Currently the town has a $50 re-connect fee. After some discussion, council decided to re-visit the topic at the next meeting.

Council visited about last year’s seasonal employees and how well it went. Gilligan moved to advertise for seasonal help, motion passed.

Clerk Cochran showed the council and guests of the changes to the employee manual that were made and what has been added to the previously blank “History of Bainville” page. Cochran said she will complete the History of Bainville section and share with the council when it is completed.

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, April 8, at 7 p.m. at Bainville Town Hall, 211 Clark Avenue East.

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