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Mayor Resigns From Culbertson Council

Mayor Resigns From Culbertson Council Mayor Resigns From Culbertson Council

The Culbertson Town Culbertson held their regular meeting April 10. The council accepted Mayor Larry Crowder’s resignation. He will serve through June.

Local resident Travis Northington addressed Crowder from the gallery. “I just want to thank you for everything you done for the town,” said Northington, “And I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for the school.”

“I never dreamed of being mayor,” Crowder told the assembled. “I thought maybe a council member like my dad in Malta.” He said was surprised when nobody stepped up to run and said the experience has taught him a lot about how the town works.

Crowder is in the middle of his term, so his replacement will be appointed by the council until a new mayor can be elected. The filing period will be April 20-June 19.

Ken Forbregd told the council that Ike’s Fishing Pond & Walking Path is expecting fish soon. He said Fish, Wildlife & Parks will be stocking 500 trout and 300 bluegill at the pond. He also said snow melt had rendered the decorative bridge a temporarily necessity, with snow melt running underneath its span.

Northington petitioned the council to have his home and property annexed out of the town limits. His request was approved. Pressed for a rationale, Northington said he wanted to save the town the trouble and expense of providing services to his property.

Pubic works director Bob Jasper said the alarm at the lift station has been fixed. Kobe Nickoloff was approved for hire as public works assistant. Jasper said work on the U.S. Highway 2 project has begun with slurry fill and site preparation on 3rd Avenue East near Bruegger Centennial Park. The road will serve as a detour route for the main portion of the project construction along the highway on the north end of town.

An agenda item regarding membership dues for the Great Northern Development Corporation in Wolf Point was tabled for further consideration. Dues for the organization have tripled in cost since 2021 and there have been no GNDC supported projects completed in the Culbertson area. Audience members reported being “rerouted” rater than helped by GNDC staff regarding possible projects.

Minutes were approved for March. Financials and claims were reviewed and approved. Two letters to the council were discussed. The letters were seeking improvements in winter streets maintenance and a possible reduction in EDUs for water and sewer. The council agreed to take them under advisement and review the relevant topics for further discussion at the May council meeting.

The next regular council meeting is May 8 at 6:30 p.m.

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