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Stafne Resigns From Tribal Executive Board

Long-time Fort Peck Executive Tribal Board member Grant Stafne has turned in his resignation to tribal chairman Floyd Azure.

Stafne wrote in the letter dated Aug. 29, “I throughly enjoyed my time as a councilman, four terms, but I feel it is in my family’s best interest if I went back to the bureau for stability.”

Stafne has accepted the position of deputy superintendent for the Fort Peck Agency, Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Azure said the tribal executive board needs to accept the resignation at the next full board meeting on Sept. 12. The need for a special election also must be declared.

In last year’s tribal executive board election, Dana “Sam” Buckles and Kaci Wallette tied for 13th place with 449 votes each. A special election will take place between those two individuals. An election date will be determined at the Sept. 12 meeting.

Azure feels the process until a new board member is elected will take about a month.

Stafne received the second most votes, 882, of any tribal executive board member in the 2021 election.

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