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Giese Resigns From Bainville Council

The Bainville Town Council held their regular council meeting Monday, July 18, The meeting was originally set for July 11.

The council accepted a short resignation letter from council member Matt Giese. Giese has served on the council multiple times over the years and council members and staff said they were sorry to see him go.

There were no public comments offered.

During committee reports, Romo said that the area for grass clippings has been set up at the lagoon and town work on several trees, alleys and streets has been completed.

Romo stated that a reduction in service connections at a former man camp has brought the town’s monthly fees down by approximately $690 moving forward.

Clerk Nikki Rogers said the Local Emergency Planning Committee is setting up a tabletop exercise in Poplar to prepare for active shooter and other emergency scenarios. Dates and times were not available at press time.

The possible creation of noise ordinance was discussed. Quiet hours for evenings and mornings were considered, as were methods of establishing appropriate volume levels. Romo said the issue may be added to the Aug. 8 meeting agenda.

The subject of hiring short-term maintenance workers was discussed, with Romo defending cuts to the budget. He said the town should be able to rely on volunteer labor from FFA students and other community members.

Council member Nick Tester said, “I think we jumped the gun eliminating that.”

Tester said that unpaid seasonal help is hard to find. Romo said the council will consider the matter for next year during upcoming budget discussions.

“My goal is to get us balanced,” Romo said.

Sidney Tax Service was approved for hire during the coming fiscal year, if and as needed.

The town’s ambulance was donated to the Culbertson EMS crew, who requested the vehicle, saying it would be a more reliable backup than the vehicle currently in use.

A building permit for Bainville Homestead Properties was approved for road improvements on Third Street from Rhea Avenue north to Hill Avenue. Romo abstained from the vote, citing personal connections to the businesses

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